Usually when I paint on square pieces of paper, there are many leftovers after cutting the page.

Below I’m presenting illustrations I’ve made to recycle those scraps.






When I was a kid, I believed that there are people living in clouds. I imagined they are very happy, and that clouds taste like cotton candy.

As many of children, I tried to find some ways to fly, thinking I need some kind of wings or a balloon, and I’ll get there. At that time traveling by plane wasn’t so popular and cheap as now.

So even now, when I’m adult I always look carefully when I’m in the air.






85These are some sketches that I do on leftovers of paper. Different forms and small sizes are great for quick drawing/ painting.

Actually those are self-portraits. I watched last night “Seven” again, so in the morning I thought of making a saint of me. A very tired saint.

For a week I’m home alone with cats, with plenty of work to do, summer outside the window, thinking only how not to get out of the bed. 



It happens a lot that I draw or paint water. It always seemed to calm me down. Whenever I’m in stresful situation, somehow I imagine myself surrounded by water. 

Sometimes drowning, sometimes walking into ocean, or just letting my body (in my mind) to go with the flow of the river.

I find peace and relief when I hear the sound of the sea.

When I was a child, doctor told my parents that I should swim a lot for my backbone. So every week my grandfather took me to the swimming pool. Soon he was kind of celebrity there, cause of his open nature and sense of humour. He sligthtly flirted with lady who sold tickets, made buddies with lifeguards and instructors.

I remember that the swimming pool had big windows. I remember that my grandfather took walks around the building when I was swimming and always cheered me from the other side of the wall. 

I had also lots of great memories with the sea from my adult life.

My first vacations with A. and feeling crazy in love.

Lazyness of greek beach and snorkling in warm water.

New Years Eve and hot wine on a cold sand of Baltic sea shore.

Crystal waters surrounding Thailand on our honeymoon.



Lately I took 3 days of “vacations” from work. I was exhausted, really tired, so I went to my parents countryside house.

First two nights I had nightmares, I guess somehow all the stress had to come out of me. 

I didn’t paint a lot, I took some thriller book with me and spent this time on hammock reading. Also it was first time for a while when I could read a WHOLE newspaper. Yup, all pages.
But my state of tired mind produced these two images that you can see below. It illustrates the place I’m in right now. Need some changes.




This is a very recent project, that I think will grow up.

I’m considering making it into a comic book.

These are my memories form childhood. We were really wild children. In the era without computers and many tv channels, we had to create our own worlds. Now it seems like a dream.

Gangs of kids, playing, fighting, with broken legs and arms, always dirty, always looking for adventure. 

These illustrations are very subjective memories of 80’s and 90’s.







Little worlds


These drawings are not typical for me. Actually when I did them, I was in a very strange mood.
Overworked I went to short kind of vacations on the country side, where my parents have their summer house. 

It’s a small village, I was there for couple of days all alone, just spending all days in hammock reading and evenings by the fireplace. I needed some kind of escape from noise, people, phones. I could get my connection to the internet only in one spot in the garden. 
Perfect for a date with myself.
I found Moomins book on the attic, and under the influence of Tove Jansson I’ve made this short series.
Lost kids, children in some forgotten empty place, other world, some paralel reality. That was my state of tired mind at the moment. 

I didn’t draw much, but it was enough to have some rest from the civilisation.









I present you some sketches that are very personal.

I like to remind myself vacations, nice weekends, time spent on the beach or in restaurant, by making this drawings. This is me and my girl.
For me it’s a form of a postcard, that stays with me years after trip and when I’m looking at it I feel summer, sand, wind, heat, taste of food and sound of music.

A little world with what’s important.








Always got this feeling of unknown danger when it comes to nature.

Each time close contact with forest or sea or lake brings me to the edge where fascination connects with the fear.

It’s huge, it’s strong, it defeats us, it’s beyond our silly cities, silly cars, silly box- apartaments, silly problems. It’s ruthless, silent, not interested in our matters.

Death, birth, mystery, cruelty and beauty.

Nothing made by human can compare to a mountain.

Once I was camping in Alpes, on the edge of the clif, where you couldn’t see a single light of man’s presence. Sky with stars seemed to try to crush us. It was beyond any control.