Girl on the moon

These are two drawings that I spontaneously draw while I was listening to Chet Baker. 
Jazz music inspires me a lot, though I had to grow to enjoy it as I do now.
There are few things that at first are hard to experience, but when you’ll try again and again, they are most wonderful stuff.
Like dry wine. Like olives. Like espresso coffee. Abstract paintings. And Jazz.




It’s time to say hello


A few words about me.

I’m interior designer by day and I’m drawing, painting etc.. by other day. In fact almost every day 😉

Usually it looks like this: I wake up, have some yoga excercises (for my bad backbone), then a cup of coffee with some music in my headphones.
Then the process of drawing starts. 
I usually draw things that somehow I feel passionate about. But sometimes these are dreams, or something that inspired me: a photo, movie or a book.

I hope you’ll enjoy this “blogish” thing I’m running.

Bed time stories

This is very personal. Society usually oversexualizes same sex couples, people tend to think, speak, write, that the main topic there is sex.

But there is something much more intimate, much more human than just making love. Being with someone in bed, hugging, kissing, touching, feeling with someone natural, sleeping. There is nothing that makes two people that close as cuddling in the bed.

When you’re vulnerable, without make up, without fancy clothes, sometimes snoring, when you feel the real smell of each others skin.

These are private micro- worlds, safe bubbles that are reserved for two.

Where is the difference between heterosexual and homosexual couples? The visibility. Gay couples usually are not allowed to create this kind of intimacy in other places than their bedroom, behind closed courtains.

It pisses me of when I hear “it’s nobody’s business what you’re doing in your bedroom”. It is my business when you’re not allowing me to be close with the person I love in any other places.
We’re not talking about intercourse, about having sex in public. I’m telling about two bodies just being close, what is so natural when you love (or are attracted to) somebody.

My illustrations tell this story about intimate moments that are not necessary a moment of having sex. In apartament, in the bedroom, in bed.

03 04









It’s summer though I didn’t have many occasions to experience this time of year, because I’m stuck in work.

Even when I had some free time, I’d spend it rather on drawing or painting than getting sunburned on the beach. But no worries, there is some plan for vacations.

I usually go to the seaside where I have family, so I don’t have to think about hotels overbooked in summer.

Right now, living in a big city I spend my weekends on dreaming about empty beaches (that’s why in my opinion the best time to go there is september). 
I love northern seas, Baltic sea makes me connect with nostalgy, with my childhood, hot afternoons with insects buzzing like best kind of music, and cold evenings spent on the sand, when you have to use your towel or blanket to cover yourself.

French fries, ice creams, cold fanta, sound of seagulls, wind messing your hair, chilly water, seaweeds between toes, seashells in pockets, searching for amber, sand in your sandwich, insanely sweet soda, skin detaching of your nose. My summer means seaside. I always miss it, always longing. If I couldn’t go to the seaside, it would mean there was no summer.
There are some impressions, have fun 🙂






The world that isn’t there anymore

Here’s the thing. I’m not Jewish. Sometimes I wish I was. There was a time that I said I am just to piss of some anti semites.

There always was some kind of regret in me after jewish minority in my country. Regret that it doesn’t exist anymore, that it doesn’t make all the culture richer, that I can’t see this diversity around me. I miss the times that I never saw, that I was never part of.

On one weekend I was in very strange, gloomy, little depressing mood. Although it’s summer, weather is beautifull, I got this idea to paint portraits of the photos of the Jewish people just before II WW.
It is a bit of soul cleansing process for me, it’s very delicate and personal subject. Sadness istn’t the word big enough. Something between melancholy, emptyness, longing in a heart.

There is this world in yiddish- “Polin”, which means: here you may rest. When in 1492 first Jewish came to Poland they thought name of the country was exactly- Polin. They took it as a good sign and they were immigrating here a lot. For a couple houndreds of years Jewish community lived peacefully on this land. What happened after- we all know history.
There is a hole, something missing in my soul. These paintings are my way of filling this emptiness.







Kiss project

So one day I thought about all the stereotypes that come with the same sex couples. 
The truth is you see lesbians mostly in pornographic materials or as some kind of caricature of a woman (same way you imagine a feminist).
On one side we have complete sexualisation and vulgarisation of the subject, on the other.. well you know what I mean.

If you want’t to see some tasteful lesbian (or wider- homosexual) erotic pictures, drawings and so on, you really have to google it hard. On your way some nasty stuff can really rape your eyes.

So I wanted to show something different- INTIMACY. How you are with the other person when you’re close, you’re couple or a romance. 

A kiss is something between spiritual world and sexual side of relationship.
So here it is. A kiss. So natural for heterosexual couple, so forbidden when it comes to public affection of homosexual women together.

Drawing these illustrations was a continuation of some other project, which I’ll show you later.