Bed time stories

This is very personal. Society usually oversexualizes same sex couples, people tend to think, speak, write, that the main topic there is sex.

But there is something much more intimate, much more human than just making love. Being with someone in bed, hugging, kissing, touching, feeling with someone natural, sleeping. There is nothing that makes two people that close as cuddling in the bed.

When you’re vulnerable, without make up, without fancy clothes, sometimes snoring, when you feel the real smell of each others skin.

These are private micro- worlds, safe bubbles that are reserved for two.

Where is the difference between heterosexual and homosexual couples? The visibility. Gay couples usually are not allowed to create this kind of intimacy in other places than their bedroom, behind closed courtains.

It pisses me of when I hear “it’s nobody’s business what you’re doing in your bedroom”. It is my business when you’re not allowing me to be close with the person I love in any other places.
We’re not talking about intercourse, about having sex in public. I’m telling about two bodies just being close, what is so natural when you love (or are attracted to) somebody.

My illustrations tell this story about intimate moments that are not necessary a moment of having sex. In apartament, in the bedroom, in bed.

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