Little worlds


These drawings are not typical for me. Actually when I did them, I was in a very strange mood.
Overworked I went to short kind of vacations on the country side, where my parents have their summer house. 

It’s a small village, I was there for couple of days all alone, just spending all days in hammock reading and evenings by the fireplace. I needed some kind of escape from noise, people, phones. I could get my connection to the internet only in one spot in the garden. 
Perfect for a date with myself.
I found Moomins book on the attic, and under the influence of Tove Jansson I’ve made this short series.
Lost kids, children in some forgotten empty place, other world, some paralel reality. That was my state of tired mind at the moment. 

I didn’t draw much, but it was enough to have some rest from the civilisation.








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