I have to admint to something- I’m really scared of war. Some people say it’s not possible, that it wouldn’t happen, but for me the thing is, that when we even start to consider the possibility, shit is getting real.

I can’t stand what’s happening with the world today, why some people don’t see others as human beings, that they see some wildlings, enemies. I think that we make our own fears come true when we exclude others, they start to become what we want to see them. If adult says to child “you’re bad” as often as it gets, child starts to behave badly, just because nobody expects from him good behaviour anyways. So why bother.
If we say some group of people, that they don’t belong here, that they are worse, they have no other option than to confirm this theory. When they are good, nobody notices, it’s transparent.
I can’t stand any of racism, homophobia, xenophobic behaviour. It makes me sick.

I see anger in many of people, it comes from their fear.
So basically when I’m afraid of sombody’s fear I had to throw it out somehow.
You know, when there were times that people didn’t understand nature as much as we do now, they were taking “bad signs” of it. Eclipses, falling stars, comets.
These are omens of feelings in my guts.






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