When I was a kid, I believed that there are people living in clouds. I imagined they are very happy, and that clouds taste like cotton candy.

As many of children, I tried to find some ways to fly, thinking I need some kind of wings or a balloon, and I’ll get there. At that time traveling by plane wasn’t so popular and cheap as now.

So even now, when I’m adult I always look carefully when I’m in the air.




Lately I took 3 days of “vacations” from work. I was exhausted, really tired, so I went to my parents countryside house.

First two nights I had nightmares, I guess somehow all the stress had to come out of me. 

I didn’t paint a lot, I took some thriller book with me and spent this time on hammock reading. Also it was first time for a while when I could read a WHOLE newspaper. Yup, all pages.
But my state of tired mind produced these two images that you can see below. It illustrates the place I’m in right now. Need some changes.