Ghost stories

Recently I got copic-type pens as a gift. So I’m using them like crazy. Also I think more and more I’m falling into drawing illustrations, and as the time goes by, stories in my head are getting more of the shape.

Lately I’m into drawing ghosts, shadows, dark rooms and woods. Maybe it’s too many horror movies.
I’ve always had this fascination with a subject of a little girl and dark powers, contrast between innocence and evil.
I’m not a person who is much of a believer in this kind of stories, but as a metaphore for the dark side we all have, as something that is beyond our control in onselves acts, thougths, ghosts, devils are great subject.
So here it is, I think I’ll stuck to this for a while.







85These are some sketches that I do on leftovers of paper. Different forms and small sizes are great for quick drawing/ painting.

Actually those are self-portraits. I watched last night “Seven” again, so in the morning I thought of making a saint of me. A very tired saint.

For a week I’m home alone with cats, with plenty of work to do, summer outside the window, thinking only how not to get out of the bed. 


Girl on the moon

These are two drawings that I spontaneously draw while I was listening to Chet Baker. 
Jazz music inspires me a lot, though I had to grow to enjoy it as I do now.
There are few things that at first are hard to experience, but when you’ll try again and again, they are most wonderful stuff.
Like dry wine. Like olives. Like espresso coffee. Abstract paintings. And Jazz.